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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
You start with the premise that your ďwhy are we hereĒ question has an answer.

What if there is no why?

Canít we live our lives happy without that answer?

Purpose of existence is an individual question for each person to figure out.

I donít think there is any evidence that supports purpose of human existence.

There is zero physical evidence of afterlife. Until there is, Iím not planning to experience any.
This is what makes this life much more meaningful.

Are you religious? Itís OK if you are. I respect that, as long as you donít start to debate me using scripture.
We can live happy lives without that answer...I think. This is part of what I'm trying to learn. I am religious and I will never use scripture to debate someone who doesn't believe the scripture.

I'm seeking...

Growing up a preacher's kid, it's kinda hard not to hold to what I've been taught and have used as the basis of my life.
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