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Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
My bag of arguments is never ending. I could go back and forth with you every day for the rest of my life. But I'm not naive. I know you're heart is hard towards God.. and anything to do with Christianity. Like I said, It's not my job to 'convert' you. I'm not here to slap you're wrists and tell you you're living life wrong. It's not my job. What my job IS is to share the truth with you. To share the Gospel. To tell you that God became man, lived a perfect life, explained to us how we can be saved from our sins, sins of which the penalty is death, and took the burden of all sin, past and present, on himself so that we could have everlasting life with Him. I know you're reading this right now saying its a scam, a joke, whatever else you want to say. But now you know. You've known, but you choose to ignore it. It's not my job to convince you to believe. Its your choice.

By no means am I riding off on my high horse. I told you I come to you with the utmost respect. Coming in respect is hardly being on a high horse. I'm talking to you man to man, as face to face as I can get to you. I'm not talking above you at all. And if I come off that way, I apologize. It was never my intent. I want to respect you the same as I want you to respect me. We believe completely different things, but respect still needs to be present so that we can have civilized conversations.

Of course I quote the Bible. Why wouldn't I quote the Bible? Its the basis for the Christian faith. It's the real Word of God. I believe that it is true, that it accurately describes history, the life of Jesus, and the path to salvation.

I was going to leave you with that last post, but as long as you continue to attack me, and claim that God doesn't exist and Jesus is a joke, then I'll be here. The Bible has withstood thousands of years of attacks and criticism, and its certainly not going to crumble now.

The thing that bothers me, is that you think you're so anti-religion.. yet you're just as, if not more 'religious' than all of us. You have chosen atheism as your religion and you're extremely passionate about it. Atheism is what you base your decisions on, its why you believe in science so much. It influences your daily routine, it influences your voting, your relationships, your life as a whole. So why is it so unreasonable to understand that Christians base their lives off of the very same thing? You can't stand how we base our decisions on the teachings of the Bible, base our voting on the moral values of the Bible. Why is that so wrong, if you do the very same thing? You call us naive because of it, yet we look at you, and say the very same thing.
Do I have to through this every week with a new Christian? READ MY POSTS.

Contrary what your priest tells you, ATHEISM IS NOT A RELIGION!!! No scripture, worship or gatherings. Do you think that atheists get together and talk about not believing in God? Do people that don’t play chess have meetings to discuss not playing it???

I am anti religion because it is NOT true, (anecdotal evidence and a book do NOT count), it indoctrinates, stops free thinking and exploits gullible.

Science is backed by evidence, predictability and experiments. Christianity is based on an ancient man-made book!! Can’t you see the difference?
I simply live my life just fine without religion.

You bag of arguments is full of logical fallacies and scripture quotes. All your previous claims and questions, I shot down.
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