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Club membership is now officially defined as:

"A forum member, who owns, or has placed an order for, an E9X M3 with 6MT,
and has made a post on the Official 6MT thread stating he/she would like to be a
member of the club and has adopted the Official club logo as his/her signature."

You want to join?

In order to join, you need to...

1) own, or place an order for, an E9x M3 with 6MT


2) add the Official Club Logo to your signature by pasting the following link to the text box on the signature edit page.

PHP Code:

Member List

Eligible Forum members are (out of this poll):Lucid is Honorary President.

Epacy, Lucid, Southlight and TheRealDC are currently members of the board.

Any other proposals?

Best regards, south

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