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I am nothing like the religious. When I’m wrong, I learn from it. There are no absolute truths.
oh boy e90im you must be confused. you shouldn't say something like this, being such a man of science and all. absolute truth is the backbone to the study of the natural world. if there are no absolute truths, then what is science trying to determine? if there are no absolute truths, then we should accept every explanation for everything.

e90im, in fact, the reason why we argue is because we believe there is an absolute truth, in science and spirituality. it's because we believe that if one thing is true, then there must be other things that are false (and i don't mean to say that science and spirituality are mutually exclusive, which is what you assert constantly).

just because people can be wrong, does not mean there are no absolute truths. the natural stays the same (for the most part), it's just that, what we know about it changes. i don't believe that the universe is some sort of fluid blob that constantly changes at random times and in random ways. there is a system that is in order (as opposed to chaos) that we live in and science is the discovery of these absolute truths.