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Originally Posted by E90jason View Post

e90im, what drives you to be so passionate about debating the "religious?" I really am curious. You spend a great deal of time refuting what the "religious" say, when you could just let them do their thing. What motivates you to not give up?
Atheism appears to be the hatred (at least the loathing) of God and his people.
Perhaps it is just that the atheist is retarded in that they cannot comprehend the least bit of heaven.
Perhaps e90im will tell us what he thinks is so great that we will miss out on but that he gets to enjoy because his is not bound by faith.
One day e90im could be out of his mind with such apparent hatred. Don't let him anywhere near a gun.
Maybe e90im will merely bottom out, then he might be saved from the cesspool.
BTW: e90im, there still are some prayers for you.