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same here!!

Talked with BMWNA this morning and this woman who seemed utterly clueless told me it had started production today - she seemed as excited as i was but i was a little restrained as I sensed she had no clue what she was talking about - when I asked her questions about the status she said they don't use status codes like 150 and havent for the past couple years?? Kept back tracking to make sure she was reading the right thing then changed her mind and said it was scheduled for production on march 2nd

Called again - different dude said the same thing - the chassis was on the production line and it should be in the body shop soon - said it was scheduled to be DONE, not started on march 2nd

Called CA one last time to confirm it and she said it was in fact past 150 - she told me that "Week 10" is when it's supposed to usually be complete, not started - however to be safe she usually tells clients that's when it will start - no clue how accurate this is personally.

So I'm assuming everyone who is week 10 should be getting this news shortly?