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F man, oneshare325 was very polite trying to explain to you the rationale behind mods moving the threads to their appropriate sections. And now you're attacking him?

You like bimmerfest better? go there. Everyone will be happy.

Originally Posted by Redadair View Post
OK, so is it your Forum?

I agree with separating out the Turbo tuners from the how do I remove a speaker, but take a look at some of the moves they are over the top guys.

Your out doing yourselves!

I have been a moderator before at a very busy Subaru SIT site and we never policed it the way you guys are. It's just not necessary period! If you need to add more storage to your servers to keep up with your posts do so.

I for one and I am sure most people only look at page 1 or maybe 2 of the fourm topics, so as far as size goes it doesn't matter where the posts go they will all end up taking the same space on your servers hard drives. That's what your search engine is for. Let the pages get long who cares.

Again who would look for my post about wheels where it got moved to?