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Originally Posted by ee2 View Post
the CA gave me something called a vehicle inquiry report back when the car was in status 111 and it wasnt on there. something changed somehow between then and now and its now on the car. the CA just called and said he would talk to the sales mgr but already offered a new production slot. not good.
If it wasn't on the VIR, I'd push back and say I am not going to wait for another 3 months because you screwed up. Also, this sounds really strange--that it wasn't on the VIR and then showed up. How and why does that happen exactly without you asking for it? Someone has to manually make the change unless the BMW system screwed up, in which case, BMW should absorb the cost. I'd demand to know that.

Originally Posted by ee2 View Post
also, is this going to be ugly as hell having the extended red leather?
It depends on the external color I think. With black, it would most likely be okay since the black can absorb red well, but I am not sure about other external colors.