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New Mastergrade Motorsport E90 CSL trunk preview

Hey guys, I sent an e-mail to a company called Mastergrade Motorsports regarding future parts for the E90. I got a swift response with a few pictures.

"Hi, thank you for contacting MastergradeMotorsport. We are pleased to let you know we are almost done with the molding stage of our BMW E90 CSL style trunk lid."

Here are the pictures that were attached.

For those of you who don't know who Mastergrade is, they are one of 2-3 shops in the US who use a technique known as vacuum bagging. This process creates some of the lightest more durable parts. Their s2000, G35, and RX8 trunk weigh in at 8-9 lbs. I would suspect this one weighs about the same. I sent an e-mail regarding pricing and if its offered in fiberglass and Carbon, I'll post up their response.