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Originally Posted by SteelTorque View Post
Well, I'm not a fan of bench racing....but I was wondering if any of you guys ran one of these Shelby GT500? Supposed to have 500hp and weight 3900 lbs.

One of my buddy ownes one and he claims he can smoke me. I'm trying to get him to race me and keeps comming up with excuses.

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Depends on what mods your friend has done. If he's done pulley swaps, headers, exhaust, he should have a good power gain. However, if he's done some serious work, i.e. Kenne Bell or a Whipple, you'll get destroyed. IIRC, in an article I read where the stock SC was swapped with a KB (can't remember the size), the HP went to the mid 800's. Yes, eight hundreds.

Whether he can get all that power to stick and he's a good driver is another story.