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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Porsche unveils model updates to the public when they are close to production.

Geneva is around the corner, expect an announcement there.

Lets say you get a car with options up to 95,000, you don't have to GIVE them 95,000, that is the asking price. The point is it is possible to get a 911S with PDK for well under 100k. My cayenne S had 15,000 worth of options, I paid 7000 of it.

I am not basing my info on my dealer either, my dealer doesn't even know which colors are no longer avaible:
I have belonged to Rennteam for a while now. Nothing on that forum is official either. I don't really understand your point. We were comparing MRSP to MSRP. Yes, there are a lot of deals to be had on the 997.

The unveiling may be in March or Sept. You initially said that you expected to get the facelifted 911 in Aug. That would mean that your car would have to have begun produuction around June. Now you say that the unveiling is when the factory is closed (August) so that would mean that he car would not arrive until Nov.

The date that you are referring to (i.e. 03/2008) is not necessarily when the FL specs will be available to the publc.