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Originally Posted by Wads View Post
If there are errors or omissions on its not because of bias its just that people with better data (such as you guys) haven't been along and corrected the info, the site is run by a very keen car enthusiast on a none profit basis. Some of the "errors" may be because the site only lists lap times for stock cars running on normal road tyres so times using Ultra High Performance Tyres won't count (mainly to avoid bias and allow a fair comparison with other cars).
Sounds noble, but doesn't seem to bear up against a check: A quick search leads to 3 cars' times listed running on UHP tires either: 997 Turbo, 997 GT3 and Audi R8. Out of these 4 cars (incl. M3) only on the M3 and the GT3 UHP tires are OEM spec.

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Edit: Found two more Hockenheim times performed on UHP tires: 1:15,4 for the Audi RS4 aswell as the 1:11,8 for the Gallardo. All these times have to be removed then, don't they?

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