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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Good post south, right on the money.

However, there are more errors/biases hidden in this list. The best 0-100 km/h time is 4.5 s and best 1/4 mi time is 12.5@115. That being said the best 1/4 mi time for the 997S is 12.3@115. Our list here is significantly more detailed and less biased.
Wow, more errors. You're right, smelling bias.

Originally Posted by Wads View Post just lists the best times so if Master Rohrl is fastest in the 911 thats what will be listed.
Understood, but that doesn't make the times comparable, whereas we have the time for both cars driven by the same driver.

Do you have a source for the M3 Hockenheim time? I'll add it to the site if you do.

Sure: [Sportauto Supertest, Dec '07]
Good luck trying to add this time. Judging by the comments this time has been removed since the M3 was on Cup+ tires (these are OEM btw), but the rumor of a 7:59 for the RS4 still is there.

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