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Originally Posted by ChrisFastM3 View Post
There is no denying that 525+ hp hammer but, thats what your paying for IMHO. Sure, they put in better seats, big brakes, and a big engine but, The build quality of a CTS is garbage compared to a BMW. Don't take my word for it. Go for a test drive. True, it will be faster in a straight line but, there is more to life.


I too was considering a GT-R but a few things fell short:

1. the styling (trust me, I tried to love it but, can't)
2. refinement (doesn't touch the M)
3. 3rd party persona (even though I am still young, I need a car to be taken seriously behind the wheel for business reasons. Too boy racer. Not to mention the models in Miami like the M better LOL)
4. interior

There is no denying it's a incredible machine in both the speed & handling department though.

Flame suit is on..........
Regarding the GT-R, I agree with much of what you posted, that's why I am buying both. There is a lot to be said for having a Roundel and/or a Stuttgart crest on your bonnet. I'll have my M3 for those wanting to be taken seriously days.