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When I first heard about this flash drive option I was really excied, especially when you guys brought up the fact that the signal is digital and not converted and that the flash drives are so cheap. However, all of my songs right now are on Itunes, and it sounds like copyrighted songs can't be put on a flash drive.

I was talking to my brother in law about this since he knows electronics way better than me, and he sent me this article regarding some software that may be a fix for those of us with a lot of songs in Itunes. Let me know if any of you have had any experience in doing this.

The pertinent part reads as follows:

"DoubleTwist also recognizes and imports all iTunes playlists and will read instantly which ones are protected by digital rights management technology. The software automatically plays the song files in the background (sans volume) and re-records them as MP3 files so they can be transferred to any device. Note: DoubleTwist only does this for songs you own or are authorized to play in iTunes."

Not sure if any sound quality in lost in the re-recording process.