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Originally Posted by mantis View Post
well i dont like it for the following reasons:
1. i dont like mixing car wheels, like CSL's on a 5er, or 6er wheels on 3er, etc.
2. reps are heavier than stock
3. their black is GLOSS! that's like rolling in chrome wheels. that was cool 5 years ago, not anymore

btw im a photoshop failure
1) Different strokes for different folks. I usually don't like that either...but the M6 wheel design looks so dayam good especially on an M3. But the more I look at PS pics of it, I think the Time Attack version might look a little too aggressive.
2) These wheels are 23-24 pounds (info from ********** each compared to the oem M6 wheels (info from which are 28-29 pounds each. Then again I'm not sure which one's stronger since both are cast-aluminum.
3) LOL, again different strokes for different folks. I'm not a flat black kinda guy. IMO, flat black makes an aftermarket wheel look like steel wheel. The only time I'd rock flat black wheels is if I'm on the track since I don't care what color wheels I have on there.

Thx for the attempt anyway.
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