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Originally Posted by SCBMW02 View Post
Don't know how many of you have heard this thing in person at speed, but believe me you won't be disappointed! Not a GM v8, but more F1 or GTR. I am sure there will be aftermarket systems for those that need to draw even more attention (I had a Borla on my E46)

I thought the 46 was as good looking as it gets, but that really looks dated next to this. Obviously this is subjective, but in person everything is just right. The fenders are flared just like the 46. I would like a different style wheel and probably will look to change this as I did with the E46.
Seats are great and I never felt like I was coming out of it even in the 140mph sweeper on the back straight. Much more headroom, htough this is probably because there is no sunroof.

Bottom line. This thing is sick, much more of a sports car than the E46. It is quite simply the perfect GT. Already ordered mine. Hope this was informative.
FINALLY a review with some teeth! Anyone can pick apart a car, it is so easy. But you have to report the thrills with a little criticism. I was getting depressed hearing all these neg reviews about the rubbery shifter, loose steering, quiet exhaust, low torque,,, you would think this thing was a dumpy 91 Accord from these reviews (sorry ruff). I want to hear a review that tells me about the heart pumping exhileration.
Thanks man, I will keep watching for more like this!

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