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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
Nice 50th post Ronno.

Efficient and reliable huh. It sounds like you do not own an M5 with SMG nor have you read J.D. Power and Associates ratings on auto manufacture's reliability. FYI, BMW and other German manufactures are nowhere near the top of the list.

Have you ever heard of Japanese engineering? The data clearly suggests the Japanese are the ones who know how to produce vehicles that are "efficient and reliable." as you say. That is why I own a 91 Accord... are you a bit jealous?

If I want the "ultimate driving machine" I will buy a GT-R already.
Jealous, hardly. There are few cars I can't afford to own, the GT-R is not one of them. If you are coming from a 91 Accord, better break open your piggy bank for the GT-R after the $500 trade in.
Do you even own a BMW or have you ever? Take it from a former 7 and 5 series owner, BMW is the best engineered car I have ever owned- which is about 40. Oh, thats almost as many posts I have. Happy 727 JO.

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