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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
Nice ride. You are right, it is a 6.1 litre that is also a 420 lb-ft normally aspirated torque monster that in your rides configuration weighs a 1000 lbs more than the flyweight M3 in comparison.

That is my whole point, the Hemi is a big and heavy 4 wheel drive that rides on a non aerodynamic body and chassis and gets decent mileage considering all these factors greatly impede it. The M3 on the other hand, is a lightweight 4 litre, on a light aerodynamic rear wheel drive chassis and body that gets terrible mileage with all these factors heavily favoring it.

You seem to be pleased with BMW 8% improved efficiency and ecstatic that they did not choose to implement DFI into the 4 litre's design.
Naa I'm just happy that I will be getting over 16 MPG rather then 8 to 10 with my srt8. See the big thing to me is maintanancy of the srt8 I've had this car for 1 and a half years and being that it requires synthetic oil on average it costs me between $85 to $115 to change and I do change it once every 3 months then add in teh breakpads that I have changed once and already need to change a second time. Now it woudnt be a big deal if teh break pads tehm selfs didnt cost a extream amount. being brembo and all. MSRP on a set of front and back cost approx $1200 (just the pads) thankfully my family is in the auto business and we have dealer cost that costs me ruffly $480 (just the pads). then there are the 20 inch rims that have huge tires that cost approx $250 to $350 each depending on quality brand I've changed them once already

Btw the vehicle only has 28k miles on it mostly highway driving. now the money I will save from all of that maintanace and the fact that I will be getting twice the gas mileage with the M3 actualyl makes teh yearly cost of the M3 the same as the srt8 (bought for 46k out the door) Just instead of putting the money into maintanace I will be putting it into the car that comes with free maintanance and is a whoel lot more luxurious.

And the fact that the SRT8 guzzles twice the gas as the M3 and only weights 1200 pounds more really does make me appreciate the new M3 because its faster, Much more fun, trackable, luxurious and I dont have to help people move because I have a SUV....

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