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Originally Posted by Ronno111 View Post
German engineering is efficient and reliable... not cost saving and economical. If you are looking for fuel economy, stick with your 91 Accord. If you want the ultimate driving machine- buy an M3 and STFU already.
Nice 50th post Ronno.

Efficient and reliable huh. It sounds like you do not own an M5 with SMG nor have you read J.D. Power and Associates ratings on auto manufacture's reliability. FYI, BMW and other German manufactures are nowhere near the top of the list.

Have you ever heard of Japanese engineering? The data clearly suggests the Japanese are the ones who know how to produce vehicles that are "efficient and reliable." as you say. That is why I own a 91 Accord... are you a bit jealous?

If I want the "ultimate driving machine" I will buy a GT-R already.