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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
Hello Jinxter, catchy name, very creative. Me "angrey" sorry, but I don't understand the question?

My first car hobby was Hemi so if you want to discuss the Hemi come to the table prepared.

Isn't it great to know that a small, light, compact, and super high tech motor from BMW will get 18-20 miles per gallon after 20 k miles. Now please do the math and show me how that is 8 % more fuel efficient than the E46 M3. Show me the numbers. By the way, the GT2, with beyond super car power and performance numbers, gets a paltry 23 mpg highway with 0 miles on it. Now doesn't that make you proud to know BMW ran up the costs of your M3 by providing you with a smattering of gimmicky driver settings, instead, none of which make you go an iota faster?
I've just noticed that you have complained about gas milage about this vehicle for a while now. Woudl ahve hoped that you would let it go by now but no harm no foul.

As far as the Hemi? I have the Grand Cherokee SRT8 witht eh 6.1 Liter V8 440tq 425 Hp. The car is a tank in consideration that it weights 4819 a little over 1k more then the M3 and with a 0-60 of 4.8, very respectable for a sports utility. Now the Gas mileage on the other hand? ouch! When I first bought the car I was averageing about 8 miles per gallon, now I get upwards of 12 if I drive like a granny that thinks shes gonan live till 200. Dont get me wrong I love the car. Its a blast killing Stangs, Cameros, 350z's and g35's as if they are nothing with a SUV. But I want the full hadeling aspect. Although the SRT8 handels great for a SUV in fact scares me how good sometimes. but its not a track car and its not as luxury as I would like it to be not to mention its starting to squeak like a Jeep (damn plastic).

thats one thing I missed about my e46 the service warrantee. I hear a squeak and bring it in and its fixed and thats for 4 years long....

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