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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
The mileage the m3 is getting is atrocious. It makes a hemi, with it's size and mass, look like a green engine. The 530 hp and 505 lb ft of torque Gt2 is apparently efficient enough to avoid the gas guzzler tax altogether. "Efficient dynamics" should be changed to very inefficient dynamics.

The fact that BMW wastes millions on R&D by producing a car that has what seems like an infinite number of gimmicky driver settings and at the same time they produce a light, state of the art, compact ,4 litre engine that when babied can't get 20 mpg on the highway, coasting down hill with a tail wind, is in itself a stunning achievement.
LOL do you even drive a Hemi? in consideration that I do and get approx HALF the gas milage that is stated in this M3 review makes me feel as though you have no clue what to compair it with. Keep in mind after break in, even if they are pulling 16/mpg right now it should boost upwards of 18 to 20 by around 20k miles.

your a really angrey person arent you Ruff? or are you just trying to play the role of your name?

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