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Guys don't get me wrong. This car may well be faster than the old m3, but it does not feel that way. Il put it to you this way, i have a very rich friend who is 18 and his dad offered to buy him an e63 amg which is way faster than an e46 m3 and my friend still preferred the m3 because of the way it felt. He didnt want a fast luxury car he wanted an edgy sports car.So the new m3 lost its raw edge. so even though this car is probably even a better car than the e46, it will never feel the same way. Another example was my 2005 330zhp; it feels so much firmer than my 335 and it makes me feel like i am in a real sports car even more than my chipped 335i which is literally so much faster.. I don't know, i just hope that the m3 can be tuned to sound louder inside the cabin, or that they come out with a csl version. Oh and by the way, dont think i am hating on the new m3, it is still an awesome car. I just think bmw has to tweak it a bit more .
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