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Originally Posted by AndrewAZ View Post
Well it seems to cause a lot of issues and hate for others.... I dont see any Christians or especially Hindus or Buddhist committing acts in the name of their religion on such a wide spread scale as Islam.
That doesnt prove anything. My point of Islam being twisted to suit these terrorists is still valid. Islam is there, if they dont follow it Islam cant be blamed

But your right one of the issues is not the religion but the eduction of the folks in that area of the world. Most cant read and write, so what ends up happening is one radical leader preaches the "word" of Islam to his (women are not allowed to pray next to men or visible to men) followers and adds his own agenda which leads to many radicals.

I agree. But we also have open dialogues in these countries over in the east. We speak in English and even their own languages to them.

You did raise another point about men and women being seperate in prayer. Why did you say "WOMEN ARE NOT ALLOWED..." when you could have said "MEN AND NOT ALLOWED TO PRAY NEXT TO WOMEN"?. I think you have chosen to put emphasis on what women cant do instead of look at the truth. Men and women might not be allowed to pray with eachother, but this obligation is to men AND women, not just women.

Bro I have already outlined why we do this. As I mentioned, the free mix of men and women can lead to sex (teenage pregnancies is worth noting), relationships, marriage, rape or anything. We Muslims believe not to let men and women mix freely but instead keep them apart unless they want to unite in marriage where husbands and wives will have rights and responsibilities.

We might think differently but why does that mean we are so cruel to women? These obligation are on men and women! men and women have to make this work, it's not just a case of "women cant do this or that". Why dont you point out the fact that "men must lower their gaze"? This is an obligation of men in Islam. We believe we shouldnt look at women's beauty.What's so wrong with that?

There are countries like my own where you can pick up pornography in newspapers and magazines. We believe women should be provided for by men, either in marriage or by fathers, brother etc. and should be respected. Their beauty shouldnt be so openly displayed for any guy to point out or stare at.

I'm not going to go into too much detail because I'm not trying to make you say "Islam is the best way of life" or anything. I say it is, but at the moment I would like people just to see it as a different way of life instead of a way of life that puts so many rules on women. That argument falls away very easily.