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Noise? When I was growing up, we used to tear up plastic bottles, mount one end on the frame, and stick the other in the rear wheel. Boy, did that make it sound like a motorcycle! My point being, if you are simply interested in noise, as in noise made my resonating parts, there are cheaper ways of accomplishing that--without the use of CF.

Now, I know nothing about this CF intake box, and am curious, so I will look into it. However, unless it results in better flow and helps the engine breath better, I don’t see how there can be any performance gains. And if there are no performance gains, I’d rather spend my money on something else…

"Ramming" air into the engine by placing a front facing intake with appropriate geometry in the bumper (the GruppeM product seems to do that) is possible, but that will only be significant at high speeds. The ECU, based on air flow meter data, might be able to adjust the air/fuel mixture to a degree for the increased air pressure so that you end up burning more fuel than the stock scenario. However, such a product does not need to be made from CF. Also, I wonder about what else a front facing intake in the bumper would pick up other than just air, and what that would do to your air filter and engine warranty.

Dinan has a similar product for the E90/92 328.

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