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Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
I agree that the cartoon images didnt spark this violence, that probably just added to it. Please do think I am defending Muslims, I am rather defending Islam. People think you can tie Islam into the people that "follow" it. It doesnt work that way. The same applies to Christians, Hindus, etc.

Islam is there, if people want to call themselves Muslims and do evil the fault shouldnt lie at the door of Islam.
Well it seems to cause a lot of issues and hate for others.... I dont see any Christians or especially Hindus or Buddhist committing acts in the name of their religion on such a wide spread scale as Islam.

But your right one of the issues is not the religion but the eduction of the folks in that area of the world. Most cant read and write, so what ends up happening is one radical leader preaches the "word" of Islam to his (women are not allowed to pray next to men or visible to men) followers and adds his own agenda which leads to many radicals.