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M3 Performance Understated?

I am a previous M3 owner - 2006 M3 Comp Package /w SMG. Had minor Dinan upgrades including chnage in rear diff gears. Safely think it was a 4.5 0-60 car and read countless reviews all stating stock it was 4.7. My RS4 Audi runs 4.3 with same horsepower as the new M and a little heavier. The new dual clutch M must be a 4.1 performer, but BMW keeps touting 4.7 or 4.8, which is relatively lame by todays standards. Do any of you guys with the new M have any thoughts? Do you agree it must be considerably quicker than the outgoing model. For the record, I love my Audi but my last M3 would destroy it on a track. The RS4 has shows too much plowing into corners with its front weight bias. Despite the AWD, the M3 was much more stable in the corners. The current Audi is much quicker than my last M though in a straight line. Hope that changes with this one, as the M is a superior all-around track car.