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You dont have to defend the muslims. As i can se here in DK these days. half of the muslims agree on the attack - the rest are upset. There are no red line. You can no say that muslims are so and so - and thats a fact.
If you look arround the world and se whats happend right now and before that. You will se both good and evil things done in the name of Allah.
The people are beeing used in the name of religion - just like we did in the past.
I am glad i have a few muslims freinds to who are not happy about things over here right now. Most of the troublemakers are 14 - 20 years old. Feeling overseen. Feeling they have no future. Danish politik is becomming more and more right and as a part of the growing economic situation the gab between poor and rich are bigger. The big loosers here are def the muslims who are 2. gen.
The situation has nothing to do with the drawings. They came sort of after this startet. Its a matter of - CAN YOU HEAR ME - I WILL BE A PART OF YOU.
But .. it might turn different now.

Almost 300 Fires. Schools burned down, kindergarden, cars....