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Originally Posted by AndrewAZ View Post

And unlike a lot of you folks, I have been to the middle east and have sat down with several muslims and have been to a ton of mosques to learn about their ways.
That isnt the wisest option. Please take this as advice - dont just go to places to sit down with Muslims and talk and watch their actions. The reason is that while they might call themselves "Muslim" it doesnt mean they are showing the true teachings of Islam. I'll explain more later.

It's the same in every religion though. Prophet Jesus (AS) didnt smoke, gamble, drink, have relationships out of marriage, eat pork etc. yet many Christians engage in this. That doesnt necessarily mean they are showing what Christianity is.

Originally Posted by AndrewAZ
I traveled in a group with women and a lot of places they were not allowed and we have to keep them in the center of the group when we walked since muslim boys would try and push them over for not being in proper full cover.
You just pointed out an example of Muslims sinning. They are not allowed to treat women like that at all. Islam doesnt even allow you to force a women to cover herself, there is no compulsion in religion. You must explain it and make people feel in their hearts to embrace it. All you have pointed out is that even Muslims can sin, you havent shown Islam to be a disrespectful religion.

In Islam yes we believe that men and women shouldnt mix freely with eachother. We try to be more controlled in our approach. We both know that the free mix of men and women will just lead to sex, relationships, rape - anything to be frank. Just because Islam thinks DIFFERENTLY how does that make it unacceptable?

You say there are a lot of places women cant go? It's not about women not being able to go somewhere, it's just that they shouldnt mix with men. The SAME rule applies to men. Forget men not being allowed to wander among women, did you know we dont look at women and if there is an attractive women we MUST lower our eyes? So it works BOTH ways for men and women.