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Originally Posted by Dleo View Post
Some more examples of the destruction of Cyprus cultural heritage which include items from Byzantine/Post-Byzantine churches, monasteries, and medieval monuments can be found here:
I know what you're talking about...
But there is no justice in this world...
Just look at the Serbia example and what has happened today -- a piece of land with the 10-century history in it taken away...

I am all for the fairness and freedoms... However, the media did it in 1999 by staging events that opened the door for the US involvment, than the same media changed the history by claiming the territories never belonged to Serbia... And yet, no one questions why would then Serbs build their monasteries and Churches all over Kosovo from the 11th century??? No one even cares to do the history search of the period after the WW2...

ANyway, Cypres is a great country, been there a few times, loved it!