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Originally Posted by AndrewAZ View Post
Wait a min here... Clinton bombed a few of the factories during the scandal... Does that mean Clinton wasnt telling the truth? Or can we all agree that Clintons spending cuts on the CIA and NSA left to bad security and intelligence..

And no one said anything about nuclear WMD, we were talking about chemical and biological WMD,s which we found weapons such as missiles and artillery shells designed to deliver them, so we found the gun but we didnt find the bullets.... Possibly because Clinton bombed the bullets? Who knows..
WHat the hell this have to do with Clinton.

Yes, Clinton lied more than once and bombed many sovereign countries and yes, I do believe he should be in Hague, too...

However, to tell me that he )possibly) destroyed ALL of Saddam's chem and bio weapons is just plain ridiculous and again -- lack of the knowledge of basic Physics...
That stuff does not just go away, it is EASILY detectable and UN inspectors would have absolutely no problem detecting traces of it. They did not and they reported it to the UN. Bush did not believe it and went against the UN and SC and destroyed the country...

As for the shells we found (400 of them to be particular) -- it was very obvious those were old, rusty ones, as we all know well Saddam did have and used it in the northern Iraq...

But again, that is absolutely no reason to do what we did...

So far, we're the ONLY country in the world that used the WMD against other nations, we're the only nation that is responsible for deaths of millions trying to spread our democracies around the world (Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq...), we're the only country that has military presence in other sovereign countries all over the world... and we're asking WHY others dislike ous political systems (that unfortunately translate into an ordinary American)...