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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
First of all...history-wise, I can run circles around you. And looks finance-wise, you're not far ahead, although "specializing" in the area...

WHat Saddam had a long time ago has NOTHING to do with the recent history. We, Bush in particular, claimed through Powell that he had factories of that crap, that he had mobile factories and who knows what else... Again, he used the scare tactics to prove a lie...

Saddam has NEVER, absolutely neved done anything wrong to us. Yes, he hated us, and wished all the bad things to us, but so does 80% of the world today...

He did bad things to his own people and should have been done that way. So did most of the dictators...

Now, alesson in Physics for you -- you can destroy the WMD, but the traces of it (especially nuclear) will remain there for a looooonnnng time. Where is it??? We found none of them (beside 400 empty rusted shells) and absolutely no proof of them existing.

Mr. Blix was appointed from the UN and he said there was nothing there, but Mr. Bush was again smarter... Because of that, our country is bancrupt (and will be in a much worse situation in the future), we lost world respect, we lost 5500 soldiers, we distroyed a sovereign country, killed many innocent, NK developed freely their WMD in front of our face, Iran is toying with us...

Do you really thing we would attack someone if we really knoew they had the WMD??? (hint - NK)... You need to grow up before discussing these topics...

Now, as for the support of democrats and some other nations:
- First of all, the USA was in a very sensitive state then after the 911. Bush used that for his own gains instead getting the whole world to be with us and support us, he acted like a cowboy -- "Either you're with me or my enemy". Speaches on the WMD every day... Propaganda. Of course that most that had political aspirations would have stick by him. Every normal person would have known and questioned it since no real picture ever existed of the sites with all the technology we have...

Wait a min here... Clinton bombed a few of the factories during the scandal... Does that mean Clinton wasnt telling the truth? Or can we all agree that Clintons spending cuts on the CIA and NSA left to bad security and intelligence..

And no one said anything about nuclear WMD, we were talking about chemical and biological WMD,s which we found weapons such as missiles and artillery shells designed to deliver them, so we found the gun but we didnt find the bullets.... Possibly because Clinton bombed the bullets? Who knows..