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Exclamation Turkish invasion of Cyprus

For any of you that are not aware of the situation, Turkey basically took over 37% of Northern Cyprus in 1974.

More information can be found here:

The invasion still continues until today, and currently this is whats going on.

Turkey and its puppet regime in the northern region of Cyprus have converted the The 19th century Saint Anastasia Church into a hotel and casino resort, named 'Anastasia Resort Hotel'. The destruction of Cyprus' 9,000 year old civilization constitutes one of the tragic and unfortunately irreversible consequences of the Turkish invasion and occupation of the island.

Ever since the Turkish invasion and occupation of almost 40% of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, archaeological sites, religious treasures and many private collections situated in the occupied area, were left at the mercy of the invaders.

Churches, like Saint Anastasia, constituting the most obvious and recognizable symbols of the cultural identity of a region, have been subjected to the most violent and systematic destruction.

Now, ask your self, if this was a Muslim mosque, would such things have been done to this temple? Do the action's of the Turks constitute as terrorism?
What action's, if any, do you think America or the UN should or should have taken on this matter?

*Pic shows a swimming pool and out door "pool bar" added to the exterior of the church.

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