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Originally Posted by Rips335iCoupe
The craziest?? Mormons are the people you should be least worried about ... how about that religion whose followers like to fly planes into buildings, or strap explosives onto themselves and detonate among innocent people, or behead people with a pocketknife.
That is the most stupid statement I've ever heard. Now do people see my point? I find myself having to explain OVER and OVER again that Islam IS NOT terrorism. Why are you blaming Islam if people twist it and use it in ways it shouldnt be used. Islam NEVER condones killing innocents even though George W might seeing as what he is doing in Iraq!

This is exactly what I mean by the bloody governments and media "Islamic terrorist", "Islamic Jihadist, "Islamic suicide bomber, "radical Islamist", bla bla bla...all of this stick in the publics mind when they hear it 24/7. Now people are spitting out stupid statements and blaming Islam instead of seeing the real problem in the world.