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ON DEADLINE: Mitt Won, Authenticity Lost

One Lie Too Many

Romney Criticizes Rivals' LobbyistsBy GLEN JOHNSON "Republican Mitt Romney said Thursday he could govern in the country's best interest because "I don't have lobbyists running my campaign," although Washington insiders are on his senior staff and registered lobbyists are top advisers."

Romney's Ridiculous HyperboleHe predicts more change in the next 10 years than in the last 1,000. Not likely.

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Mitt’s Biggest Flop

Romney Promised Not To Raise Taxes But, In Order To Say He Kept His Promise He Raised Every Fee of The State and Created Many More...What an honest guy he must be to generate $400 Million like that.

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Mitt’s Biggest Flop
When stupidity comes to town, it will be bigjimbo.