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Drove the new M3 today

Today my dad and I went down to Braman BMW to check out the new M3 they had there for the Breast Cancer fund. We got there and found tons of people on the waiting list and were happy to had made an appointment earlier. When the AW beast pulled up you would of thought Britney Spears was arriving. People swarmed around the thing like no other.

After waiting an hour to drive it we finally got behind the wheel. My dad drove because im not old enough to drive it(under 21). We were quite surprised when we saw nobody was going to go on the drive with us. I made sure M mode was engaged for the entire ride. We loved the exterior styling of the car, from the rear it looks plain mean. I loved the matte carbon interior trim and the I Drive knob was cool as well. We hit the M Mode button and we were off.

The M3 was a bit of a disappointment in the power department. We started off by giving it the gas in second around 50mph and were disappointed with the grunt of the car. Once you get over 6000RPM the exhaust is truly blissful. I LOVE the fat steering wheel they put in the car its perfect. My 335 honestly felt faster. Before going for a ride in the car I was ready to go order one, after going for a ride in the car I still want to order one but not nearly as much as a did prior to it. I felt it would have so much more power than it actually felt like. My dad agreed as well and thought it felt like it was laking power but was thrilled by the throttle response. The new M3 is a fantastic car IMO but wish it had more power.