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Originally Posted by the_stranger View Post
Dude, I was just joking. Cool down. Did you see the post under yours? He has also seen Jerez in real life. He says it is very blue. Many have said that. I answered basing on that. I am torn between Jerez black and Alpine White myself. It would be great to hear comments on those colors. Have you seen both in real life? What are your opinions on it? Once again, I was just kidding.
OK, Jerez Black is good for a dark colour, but it really should be called Jerez Blue as many have said on here. I think the difference between it and carbon black is very small, which is reflected in the make up of the colours when you look percentages of colour etc.

Alpine white is OK, but in my opinion it hides the lines too much, unlike Silverstone II which is why I'm getting the latter.