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M3 Honeymoon

Good Day All

November 2007 is etched in my memory for ever.

As the days ticked past and after many calls over many weeks to check on a delivery date, I walked into my dealer on a Saturday morning with serious misgivings about my 2.5 year old order. Should I or shouldn't I? Do I really NEED the new M3. How could I JUSTIFY it? What's this REALLY all about? NO........this is a CRUSH, I am a MATURE adult, I will get over it. I had made up my mind. I strode though the entrance with strong resolve.

What happened next was....well....history. To my right I saw the salesman perched on the telephone pointing anxiously to my left. I caught my breath. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this incredible, almost organic machine. It was waiting silently, patiently for my arrival. My name was plastered on the windscreen with a big "congratulations". There it was. This was it. This was for real - the Silverstone / black leather 414BHP V8 with 19" wheels, sunroof and premium stereo system. I mean, the site of this indescribable entity made everything around it look like we were headed to warp factor 10 Mr. Sulu.

If ever anybody ever wishes to make a film about an arranged marriage where counter-intuitively its LOVE AT FIRST SITE......I'm your script consultant.

3 months and 5,000kms later, the honeymoon is still in full flight.
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