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Originally Posted by footie View Post

OBI agent,

How could you not class this guy as a D1ck, the fellow is totally deranged.
Haha....I have seen worse ....Eventually they all phase out of their brand luv....

Originally Posted by E90ice View Post
I know some guys are bashing him, but I have seen plenty of similar guys on also.

I know I talk a lot of smak about Audi, but in all honesty, I do believe that they are good cars.

But some of these guys are so's not even funny.
Your being one of them too....Damn, if they jump into the lake will you follow? Forgive and forget .... ! And thanks for being honest...I aint a Audi fan but, their upcoming projects are exciting me !

On a sidenote bro, don't judge me by my sig....I like BMW's....hell thats why I am on this site.