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Jet = BLACK, Jerez = dark BLUE, Carbon = What everyone perceives to be "Jerez Black"

Originally Posted by mofomat View Post
Why do I fall into that category?

I have seen Jerez Black with my own eyes, many times, unlike you who hasn't.

How can you say Jerez Black has much more blue in it than Carbon Black when clearly it hasn't, both when you see it in IRL and when you look at the constituants of the colour?
I just test drove a Jet Black M3 this past weekend in Kaiserslautern...where there is also a Jerez Black M3 with the tan leather and wood trim (horrid combo) and was lucky enought to be there when a German pulled up to the dealer downtown in a Carbon Black E46. We fumbled around in communication with my limited German and his English. Even though the three cars were not sitting right next to one another, we made multiple trips back and forth between them...noticing that Jet Black is definitely black (of course), Carbon Black on this individual's E46 danced between black and blue, and the Jerez was prominently BLUE in the sunlight. We had to twist and turn our heads around angles to see the true darkness of Jerez Black...which at the right angles did look very black...but to say that Jerez Black is mainly black...definitely NOT from our view point. To me, Jerez Black is the flirting version of Monaco Blue on the 3-series..."it looks blue, but wait, is it black, noooo,'s blue." LOL Jerez is definitely in between Carbon Black and Monaco Blue. Or in other words, the direct negative of Carbon Black...Blue at certain angles (in person in high sunlight).