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Originally Posted by Epacy View Post
My dealer just finished talking with his contact at BMWUSA and they stated that if I spec'd 19's even with a late Feb build date that I wouldn't get 19's and the order would probably move to March production.. He said they have already done that to some orders.
OC kid, did you order 19's? Did your order allow you to add them?
Anyone else in late Feb or March production with 19's spec'd?
I guess we will see when some of these orders go status 150.

I am moving ahead with the 18's. Lets hope the Satin Chrome finish looks close to the AW wallpapers from
I think this all depends on how the car was initially spec'ed. You are taking over an existing 112 order, so if that had 19"ers already, then no problem obviously. If you add them to an order that doesn't have them, there is no way to tell what will happen. That was the response I got from my dealer when I asked about DCT. So maybe OCkid's order had 19"ers already, and when he specified them, there was no real addition? Anyway, there will be plenty of aftermarket options if you decide you really want 19"ers.