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Originally Posted by footie View Post
That is the beauty of competition, it pushes each to produce a better car with each new model, some may feel that M3 isn't as good as some previous versions but the reality is that attitudes and expectations change and a car has to compete not with the previous car but the competition that is present at the time.

Personally I am really excited about the new RS6, not in the way this dick is but because of the fact that Audi in this case has pushed the bar that little bit higher for the other to reach/better, with the exception of the RS4 one could say that BMW has had it all it's own way and yet they only sat back on their laurels once with the M3 and didn't produce their best. At least with Audi and Merc now taking their respective performance models seriously we can hope to see some brilliant examples coming from Munich in the future.
+1....I agree with everything except for the D1ck nick!