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Originally Posted by OBI_agent View Post
Haha...Where did u get this from(source)?

Another thing I would like to add is that I aint a Audi fan(I do like AWD but, RWD are better) but I know that Audi have come a long way to come close to even competing with BMW. Don't hate it because of some AUDI forum members who make comments or stories like these....Just appreciate that BMW is getting competition.

And in response to the above paragraph, you know what BMW is.....A benchmark company, a trend setter and the best part....A true RWD(50/50 distribution). Heck I dont even own a BMW but I know what it is. ...

Appreciate the fact that BMW got competition by Audi ,as this can only accelerate to good, high tech innovation to make the cars better of their respected companies

I know that you don't hate Audi don't be saddened by this ill responsible comments made by the Audi member. Think of it this way, people are jealous because you drive a better branded car then them

Finally, I would like to add that this person was merely excited about a RS6 being able to beat a M5 but I know, BMW's M division will surely come up with something better