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Originally Posted by Yonkers View Post
I just got back from my dealership and I'm confused. Not sure if they're giving me the song and dance or telling me the truth...BMWNA hasn't told him of any allocations yet. He's in the dark as much as me....They said I'm #6 when it comes to coupes. So even if they only get 2 coupes a month I shouldn't be far off. But how come they have no allocation yet?!

Can anyone enlighten me?
I was in the same boat, I suggest calling around to small-time dealers. Check out Xcellere's thread "official allocation finder" in this forum.

Originally Posted by Johndoe View Post
well.....anyway, I have a DCT Sedan so I'm looking at June/July timing if I am lucky..
If you contact one of the members here "mikethmack" he can get you a March build sedan locked in. They have an allocation right now, last I heard. BMW of Stratham, NH (603) 772-0000

Originally Posted by lucid View Post

If you recently placed your deposit, which is my recollection, and have 6+ people ahead of you, you can't really expect delivery soon unless you get your deposit back and find another dealer with no customers. OCKid and Epacy did exactly that, and they are sitting on 112 orders, I think...
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