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Originally Posted by Johndoe View Post
I know Woodlands and Houston North are same dealership but surprised that Woodlands got the first allocation..was told it will be 60/40 in favor of Houston North
Houston North gets 60% of the allocations but not necessarily the first. Woodlands won the coin toss for the first car. Lucky for gasman.

Originally Posted by SMSgt B
They aren't telling you this. You stated prior this is your "Requested Production Week" which is only a request, not the true production week. The real production week will state "Conf. Prod Week" or Confirmed Production Week.
Yeah, I understand that. That was really my concern. How come I'm still not confirmed yet when the requested date is only 3 weeks away? Maybe it is common to get confirmation right before production. I have no idea.

Originally Posted by gasman
My guess is that once production starts ramping up these two dealerships will get 5-6 cars a month. I have been told for a year now that the Woodlands dealership alone should get 5 allocations per month.
I hope this is true. If that's the case then after the first batch of cars are gone at launch I'd be in the next grouping.

The question is, the cars that are already produced and ready for launch, do they count against the March allocations? Or should there be some more allocations to be handed out for actual March production?