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Check out this guy's post of
(I know it's painful to read, but this is a typical Audi guy, and his username is "iHateRWD")

"now i read all the reviews and just as i knew RS6 kicks his M5 ass...there is a review where it says:RS6 DOESN'T BEAT M5 IT HUMILIATE HIM So how's the guy who said that M5 will leave RS6 after getting to 200km/h ?i wanna see him eating his words...we are not talking about M POWER or AMG we are talking about MOSTE EXPENSIVE AND POWERFUL SPORTS BRAND IN THE WORLD QUATTRO G.M.B.H.... and the other thing, i saw a lotttttttttt of RS4 vs new M3 and RS4 beat the crap of M3 even on 200km/h, BUT only when the driver actually knows very well the car and knows how to drive at the limit an RS4, ONLY THEN, but those idiots from logically that DON'T KNOW TO DRIVE AN RS4, it's not an BMW, it's an AUDI and you can't actually drive like a BMW, so who is responsable for that?!To big subjectivism on the drag races of RS4 vs M3 E92, only GERMAN MAGAZINES know well...i saw and read AMS and Autobild track times and accelerations of M3 E92, C63AMG and RS4 and RS4 is a bit faster with not much but FASTER, do you imagine if Walter Rohl will drive an RS4 to Nurburgring what will do?Or the new RS6?DRIVERS'S CAR IS NOT FOR EVERY AVARAGE DRIVER WHO THINK HE CAN DRIVE, ONLY FOR THE BEST, THAT'S THE RS4, so f...k the stupid testers who think that can drive and filmed some bulky craps of RS4 vs new M3 when M3 wins...70% of the tests are in favour of RS4 also like RS6 vs M5, so i would botter again to see another user on this forum to say that on bla bla 200km/h an M caca power can beat an RS...really?PROVE ME...are you better than AUTOBILD AND AMS?"

"As someone who's respecting my knowledge about Audi's and future Audi's i would definitively show you again that i'm right, since the RS6 has 580HP as i said a year ago:P The RS6 Saloon will have the same 580HP, 1960kg, 4.5 0-100km/h and 14.8s 0-200km/h official times, the back of the car will be exactly like in the photos you've seen spyed today but the tail lights will be different and will be more present wheel arches for the wheels to fit like are present in RS4 but in the saloon will be more agressive because of the shape of the car. i allready saw the car in person but hadn't been aloud to take pictures :LOL of course that happens when you have guards on you))and the other way is that the car will smash Nurburging in 7:50s (tom kristensen did that, and i found about this after) and of course the car definitively will humiliate M5 and E63AMG...and the bomb is that YES...the real performance figures of the engine are not real as audi says...600HP and 690NM of torque, you will se on the future Dyno tests and, acceleration times will be like 4.1s in real test including driver and full tank...the car will be presented in the autuumn at the same time with the new A6 facelift, not sooner because of the Q5 and A5 cabriolet presentations in the spring and summer...time will tell if i'm right!
p.s. I HATE M POWER AND BMW because people who have an BMW or M changed very fast and become so bad so nervous so bad ass "Cool"...and their plates number are like this:BOSS,SEF (BOSS in my language),SMK(interlop looked drug dealer etc),NFS(NEED FOR STUPID)) and so on...and they even think that BMW can take Audi,Lamborghini,Ferrari,Pagani,Mercedes,etc...the y are "KING OF THE ROAD" and "KING OF WOMENS"...yeahhh you understand why i have this no sympathy for bmw and bmw drivers?!"

What a retard!!!