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My theory is that official US production has not started/ramped up yet, and the cars that have been built so far are mainly dealer demo cars. This makes sense since, officially, US launch is in March. Some say the 8th others says the 28th. I am inclined to think it is the 28th because of the several members on this forum with Week 9 and 10 builds. Why produce cars way before the official launch only to hold onto them at ports? Week 9&10 builds should arrive just in time at the end of the month. Also, several sales people, including mine, will be attending a BMW organized driving event mid-March and get to experience the M3. Again, this suggests late March launch to me.

Anyway, that would explain why your dealer only has 2 allocations. If you think about every dealer getting 2-4 cars a month, it fits. They will probably get more allocation for weeks 12-14+ soon.

If you recently placed your deposit, which is my recollection, and have 6+ people ahead of you, you can't really expect delivery soon unless you get your deposit back and find another dealer with no customers. OCKid and Epacy did exactly that, and they are sitting on 112 orders, I think...

Just my $0.02 worth.