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Originally Posted by spearfisher View Post
Wrong again, the 05 C6 does a faster time around the ring than the M3 and that had less HP, and has leaf springs, explain that.
The 04 C5 Z06 had a faster time around the ring also and has less HP also, and by the way has leaf springs, also it brakes worse that the M3 also, explain that.I really want you to explain this.
Post a source that C5 Z06 has faster time.

Having auto-x a E46 M3 and a 08 C6, if you go full throttle a little early out of the corner with a E46 M3 you won’t go sideways or spin, do that in a C6 and you’ll face the other way or be putting in some quick counter steer.
The complete opposite is I drove the ISF on Moroso and the Audi S4 on Homestead, the Audi is next near to impossible to go sideways on no matter throttle position, ISF easier to go sideways but very controllable (not much throttle feathering required, remember the throttle is not an on off switch)
ok, most of it makes sense, but how is this relating to this discussion?

M3 GTR in a different class anyway, just like the classes above the C6R have more HP.
yep, which is what i stated. i never brought up M3 GTR, merely answering what other poster initiated. however, race version still has 60hp less than stock z06.

wrong again, the C6R suspension can be ordered for a regular C6, but of course race parts, called the T1 suspension which can be purchased, but I doubt the ride is nice or the 1.5 inch ground clearance., T1 suspension parts available on the GM performance catalog.
aha, and where was i wrong? point out exact statement in my previous post.
i ASKED whether lemans vette has leaf springs or not. i claimed nothing.

sit down let me explain.
I’m pointing out that the CR6 is not a multi-link suspension and does quite well beating out other multi link suspension designs, you stated a multi-link suspension will always be superior performance wise, I don’t think so.
wow more strawman argument. i never stated multi link suspension is superior performance wise. i said it is more modern and it handles better. performance is only one aspect of handling. we learnt that earlier. balance, driver's confidence at car limit, stability through a turn with uneven surface, comfort, etc..

Multi-link is a great design, but it’s how well the suspension is tweaked that determines how well it handles, as long as you have a good design base, hence no solid axle.
which is why im saying that multilink has inherently superior design over suspension that INCORPORATES leaf springs. time around the track will vary on million other variables, power, driver, tires etc

yeah but you stated that tire sizes make that much of a difference, apples to apples, the regular C6 has the same front sizes as the M3 E92 and only slightly larger on the rear, even though the rears are slightly larger the tires grip worse.
which is the reason c6 is slower than m3 around n-ring, unless you can show me a source that it tracks faster than current 8:05

The GY are not that great of performing tire compared to other non-run flat performance tires or even other high performance run flats for that matter. You can’t attribute the better handling on the vette to the tires, wrong.
pfffffff 325 on z06 will have far more grip and advantage than 265 rear thats on m3, EVEN though michelin cup 265 thats on e92 m3 is indeed a better quality performance tire. maybe i should also add M3 is missing 3L of displacement, 100hp and is what 400lb heavier?

for your info, all cars have sway bars, 2 bushings
sub-frame bushings all except for a few use 4 bushings
really? wouldn't have known that if you didn't inform me.

but anyway the M3 does not have a dozen more bushings as you stated.
it may not have exactly 12 more, but it has more bushings, because multi link by design dictates more bushings.
lets count for measly e36 m3 for rear: 2 sway, 2 trail, 4 upper wishbone (2 on each corner), 4 lower arm (2 on each corner), 4 sub frame, 2 diff. add in 2 upper and lower rubber spring pads per corner which do disintegrate over time, which leaf springs dont have.

crude drawing...courtesy of bimmerworld