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@gasman or any others who can answer

I just got back from my dealership and I'm confused. Not sure if they're giving me the song and dance or telling me the truth.
Basically my car status is still 047, meaning No Allocation, and thus I went there to ream them out and possibly get back my deposit. My CA took me over to the New Car Sales manager and he showed me his list of current orders he had printed out in front of him. ALL of the M3s showed 047 except 1 coupe and 1 sedan (which I think were in 111 or 112 status). He says that BMWNA hasn't told him of any allocations yet. He's in the dark as much as me.

I don't see how a dealership as large as they are haven't gotten anything yet when I'm seeing production #s flying around on this forum. And I see people here calling random small dealerships and finding allocations. This is BMW of Houston North and BMW of Woodlands. Apparently they share the same owners and in terms of allocations, BMWNA treats them as a single dealership which they split 60/40. The first and only coupe that has a production # is the one in the Woodlands (they won the coin toss) and I assume that is gasman's.

Previously they told me there were 22 people with deposits in front of me, but today they clarified to say that includes both dealerships and also includes sedans and verts. They said I'm #6 when it comes to coupes. So even if they only get 2 coupes a month I shouldn't be far off. But how come they have no allocation yet?!

Can anyone enlighten me?