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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Huh? So the mass of the overall spring mass damper system for the car changes over time? The only way that's going to happen is if the number of passengers or the cargo mass changes. Well, fuel is being burned, so mass does decrease at a very negligible rate. Apart from that the mass is constant. You are mixing up spring force (and damper force for that matter) with the mass of the system. Again, the vehicle can be modeled as a spring mass damper system for many intents and purposes. You can write the system equation for it and solve for displacement, velocity, acceleration of different point of the chassis of the car for given inputs. Force is simply a variable in that consideration. Force can also be one of the inputs to that model depending on how complex your model is, such as air resistance related down force.
Read my previous post in its entirety, that is, past what you put in bold.

Anyway, a highly non-linear spring might be useful in a truck where the vehicle mass can change drastically, but that is clearly not what you are talking about.
Exactly. I'm definitely not talking about that. Why would you want a progressive spring in the truck? Leaf springs=more reliable, and able to hold more weight.

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